adidas  Champion slim fit / lady

Because of the nature of this uniform i.e. tighter than the normal Champion, please order 1 size bigger than you would normally buy. If you are in any about, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

This uniform is recommended for Slimmer females and Slim males who find normal uniforms too baggy.

Exceptional Quality Uniform. the favoured suit of most of Britain's leading International players. A must for any serious Judo player.

Cotton 80%, polyester 20% making the uniform stronger and minimizing the shrinkage, thus ensuring a better fit.

Reinforced areas, flat collar (5 cm/1cm) and stitching of 3 cm on back (IJF Rules) Grain cloth 930 g/m2 approximately

Available from 160cms to 185cms in White and Blue

from £136

Champion  Gold uniform     from £150

Champion slim fit / lady uniform judo gold champion uniform
champion Slim fit / Lady uniform